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Different Clients, One Job

A Washington, D.C., native, I've worked for progressive causes and candidates both in the national capital area and New England. Among my employers, clients and partners have been labor organizations like SEIU; liberal advocacy groups such as Jobs with Justice, Coffee Party USA, Americans for Democratic Action, Maine People's Alliance, and Americans for Tax Fairness; and several political campaigns (I managed Cheryl Kagan's Maryland state senate race). While my titles and assignments have differed, my contribution has always been the same: providing plenty of fresh, clear communications on time and under budget.

Read more, including the recommendations of colleagues, on my LinkedIn page. And sample a nationally-syndicated op-ed on tax and spending policy, a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, a blog post, and a press conference defending labor rights.

Signs of the times: Slogans, the pithiest prose, are a specialty.

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