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Your Writer on Call

Do writing-project crunch times come frequently but unpredictably? Often enough to announce a problem, but not enough to warrant a full-time (or even part-time) hire?

Why not lighten the load project by project with WriteNow? I specialize in quick, quality turnaround on individual writing assignments: op-eds, newsletter articles, speeches, talking points, fact sheets, letters to the editor, reports, calling scripts—anything you need written well, fast. 

Political, scientific, literary—whatever the subject matter, if your target audience is the general public, I can explain the issue, make your case and connect you with your readers. And I can do it on deadline.

When you use WriteNow, you're charged a standard rate by the piece, not the hour. Prices are reasonable and I offer package and volume discounts.

Here's an op-ed I wrote in a couple of hours that's been syndicated in dozens of papers nationwide, building recognition for the sponsoring organization and even generating cash contributions!

Don't wait for the next crisis to act. Let's talk while you have the time to plan how I can help when you need me. Don't delay—contact me about WriteNow...well, you know.

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